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Multi-Function Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine-PE-W2000D
Multi-Function Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine-PE-W2000D
Multi-Function Optical Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Model: PE-W2000D

Product Introduction

Laser, known as the stimulated emission of light amplification, the English full name: Light Amplification by Stimulate Emission of Radiation; referred to as: Laser. It is a new light source, which has the coherence, monochrome, directional and high output power and other characteristics, is the other light can not match.

Laser welding is the use of laser beam excellent directional and high power density and other characteristics to work. Through the optical system to gather the laser beam in a small area, in a very short period of time, so that the welding is the formation of a highly concentrated local heat source area, so that the welding material melting and the formation of solid solder joints and welds.

Product Features

1. This fiber welding machine price can apply for different materials with different thicknesses and different coatings, could be welded into one integral plate, which greatly improves the applicable range of welding.

2. The fiber welding machine adopts fiber laser source, the beam quality is good, and the welding spot is extremely fine. With the optical fiber as the waveguide medium, the coupling efficiency is high . The heat dissipation is good, and the huge refrigeration system is not required. Conversion efficiency, low threshold, good beam quality, and narrow line width.

3. Continuous laser fiber optic welding machine adopts integrated structure, which can protect the operation safety and environment, and can work normally under various conditions.

4. Flexible operation, the fiber welding machine price is easy to be integrated in multi-axis robot and galvanometer system.

5. Compact structure, the fiber welding machine overall size is much smaller than the traditional YAG laser system, so the movement is very flexible.

6. Small size, long life and easy system integration. The fiber optic welding machine can operate normally under the harsh environment of high temperature, high pressure, high vibration.


Available on metallic materials (e.g. stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, titanium alloy, tungsten, molybdenum, etc.)

Technical Data

Product Name

Fiber Optic Welding Machine

input Voltage

380V 40A

Fiber Laser

Continuous Fiber

Laser Wavelength

1070 um

Peak Output Power

100W-2000W adjustable

Focused spot diameter

0.2-3 mm

X-axis and Y-axis travel

X*Y=300 mm*300 mm

Platform size

X*Y=400 mm*400 mm

Moving speed range


Reset accuracy


positioning accuracy

Less than 0.025mm

Z axis

Electric lifting height 200 mm

Rotary fixture (optional)

The rotating fixture with diameter of 100mm can be manually adjusted with angle of 0-90_. It can be locked at any position in the fixture. It is driven by stepping motor. The stepping equivalent is 0.01 degree, the positioning accuracy is 0.1 degree, and the repetitive positioning accuracy is 0.05 degree.

Display mode

Observation of Coaxial CCD LCD Screen

Location mode

Red light

Luminous mode


refrigeration system

Overtemperature alarm, flowprotection water level protection.

Control system

Industrial Computer CNC2000 Control Software



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