Fiber Laser Scribing Machine PE-20W/50W

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Fiber Laser Scribing Machine for solar cell-PE-20W/50W
Fiber Laser Scribing Machine for solar cell-PE-20W/50W
Fiber Laser Scribing Machine for solar cell

Model: PE-20W/50W

Product description

Perfect Laser is a company dedicated to producing customer-satisfactory laser dicing machines. A laser scribing machine model PE-20W/50W has been introduced. The wafer laser scribing machine reconfigures the worktable processing section, open workbench handles the area, and the upper and lower materials are more convenient. Removing spare parts from the worktable is more accurate and not easily deformed. In addition, the laser scribing machine can serve the modification of the laser scribing solar battery motor, the operation is more stable, the cutting noise is smaller, and the design is more humane.

Product features

1. The wafer laser scribing machine can be used not only for processing of solar panels, ceramics, etc., but also for substrate cutting and dicing of semiconductor materials.
2. The use of fiber laser as a working light source, the computer-controlled two-dimensional table, high output power, high precision, high speed, not only can cut the curve but also cut a straight line.
3. Software upgrades, support circular interpolation, arc cutting more smoothly.
4. Smaller footprint, more ergonomic operation.
5. The laser scribing machine increase the screw lead, the processing speed is faster, and the machining accuracy is guaranteed.
6. The laser scribing machine use of in-line optical path design, the processing accuracy is higher, the wafer laser scribing machine can receive better results.
7. The wafer laser scribing machine Installed an exclusive plate dust removal device, better processing results.
8. Optimized laser signal control section, the software runs more stable and faster.


Laser scribing machine is applied to the solar industry monocrystalline silicon, polysilicon, amorphous silicon solar cells and silicon wafers (cutting and slicing); the electronic industry monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon wafers are separated and cut.

Technical Date

Model specification

PE-20W/50W Laser Scribing Machine

Laser wavelength


Laser power


Scribing line width


Scribing speed


Scribing precision


Workbench wide


Temperature control precision


Working power supply



Cell automatic adsorption, dust removal

Cooling way

High precision and constant temperature circulating water cooling professional integration

Air cooling