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PE-CUT-C1 1200*2000 Cantilever Structure Mini Plasma Cutting Machine

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PE-CUT-B1 & PE-CUT-B2 are cantilever structure. The lateral cutting width of the cutting machine for steel is 2000-2800 mm, the longitudinal length is 3000 mm. Longitudinal tracks can be configured. The cutting machine for steel and its plasma cutting systems can set up several cutting torch; The cutting machine for steel can choose auto-adjusting height system. It is small and easy to move and flexible. So it is convenient.

PE-CUT-C1 & PE-CUT-C2 are also cantilever structure. The lateral cutting width is 1200-1400 mm, the longitudinal cutting length is 1500-2000 mm, this model is the most economic and lightest in weight in all of CNC cutting or plasma cutting machine, its CNC plasma cutting systems have auto-fire and auto-adjusting height switch. It can move entirely, and the usage way is “sports car”, the cutting machine for steel can be placed on armor plate that is to be give stuff, and the cutting machine for steel is also very convenient.

Product Features

1) Running parts are all adopted the seamless gear, rack drive and stepper motor.

2) Vertical linear guide rails imported from Taiwan, high precision, stable.
3) Bottom floor adopts high-quality flat steel square tube, and after processing, cutting machine for steel has the characters of high-precision, rust resistant, beautiful and clean.
4) Beams using special aluminum industrial profile, light weight, no deformation;
5) Adopt self-developed control system, it has excellent stability and superior noise immunity. Using English interface, operation is so simple, finished with dedicated graphics conversion software, CAD drawings can be directly converted into cutting code. With U-disk interface, graphic design by the Office of the U disk into the cutting machine. Simple graphics can be entered directly in the field cutting machine.

6) Linear guide rail beams to the optical axis, reducing wear and tear on the beam, to better ensure the cutting precision


CNC plasma cutting machine is automatic and high efficiency cutting equipment. The cutting machine for steel is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials cutting, mild steel materials cutting and nonferrous metal precision sheet metal cutting etc.







Working Area (mm)

2800 x 3000

2000 x 3000

1200 x2000


Effective Working Area (mm)






1 set

NC Cutting

1 set

Controlled Switch


Lifting Height of Cutting


Cutting Speed


Roughness of Cutting Surface


Driving System

Three-Phase AC Motor Single-Driving

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