Perfect Laser Fully Automatic Disposable Ear-loop 3ply Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine

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Fully Automatic Disposable Ear-loop 3ply Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine-PE-M3
Fully Automatic Disposable Ear-loop 3ply Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine-PE-M3
Fully Automatic Disposable Ear-loop 3ply Non Woven Face Mask Making Machine

Model: PE-M3


Automatic face mask making machine consists of a main mask making machine and two sets of mask ear-loop mask sealing machine,adopts servo and constant temperature control system, through PLC program control, the material can be completed from entering compound → forming → welding → punching → spot welding ear belt at one time, the whole production process is fully automate.

The mask equipment uses multi-layer non-woven fabric through hot-pressing folding molding, ultrasonic welding, waste removal, ear-loop sealing processes to produce a variety of masks with filtration performance.The disposable three-layer masks are made of two non-woven layers and a filter middle layer (melt-blown fabric), which can prevent bacteria up to 99%.

The production speed of face mask making machine is faster than 120 pieces / minute, and the pass rate is more than 98%.

Compared with similar products, this mask equipment efficiency can be more than doubled.


1.The face mask making machine adopts ultrasonic welding technology. The mask is beautiful, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

2. With computer PLC programming control and servo drive, this mask equipment is highly automated.

3. The embossing temperature of face mask making machine is controlled by specialized temperature controller .

4. This mask equipment adopts a touch screen,which can display the single-shift output ,the total output and current speed.And the speed can be adjusted on the screen.

5. The face mask making machine supports automatic detection of all the materials, and will automatically stop when the material is blanking.

This mask equipment will automatically shut down when electrical errors.


This automatic face mask making machine is suitable for various industries such as medical, food, mining, labor insurance, electronics, construction, sanitation, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Full Automatic Face Mask Making Machine

Finished Product Specifications

175mm x 95mm

Finished Product


Three-layer bonding, with nose thread and ear loop

Production Capacity

100-120 pcs / minute

Applicable Materials

20-30 gram PP non-woven fabrics

Suitable Layers

3-4 layers

Control Method

PLC touching screen

Supersonic Wave

20 KHZ


10-12 kw


220v / 50hz