Four-axis Robot Boom-type Laser Repair Welding and Cladding Machine

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Four-axis Robot Boom-type Laser Repair Welding and Cladding Machine-PE-W3000R
Four-axis Robot Boom-type Laser Repair Welding and Cladding Machine-PE-W3000R
Four-axis Robot Boom-type Laser Repair Welding and Cladding Machine

Model: PE-W3000R

Product Introduction

This robot laser cladding machine adopts high-quality lasers, precision CNC platforms and professional control systems, with the manipulator can achieve multi-additional aixs linkage flexible processing.

The robot laser cladding machine meets the needs of laser quenching, laser alloying, and laser cladding (ultra-high-speed laser cladding) on the surface of metal workpieces. , conventional laser cladding, wide-spot laser cladding, inner hole laser cladding), laser additive manufacturing and other advanced process requirements.

Product Features

1.High stability light path design, high power heat dissipation system, to meet the needs of long time mass production.

2.The solid structure of the body of the laser cladding machine ensures precision and stable performance.

3.Negative energy feedback system power supply, control the melting quenching heat more stable.

4.The optional high-definition visual system of the laser cladding machine can observe the cladding and quenching effect in real time, which is convenient for adjustment.

5.Professional laser tailored to the 4-axis control system, easy to understand and learn to start.

6.Strong expandability of the robot laser cladding machine can be combined with the assembly line, photoelectric sensors, pneumatic fixtures and other combinations of fully automatic unattended processing.

7.Beam aiming can be used to select the area to be coated, and for the difficult to access the area can also be quickly positioned to coat, the material consumption is low, with excellent performance and price ratio.

8.The robot laser cladding machine has virtually no limitations on the choice of powder, especially for the application of high melting point alloys on low melting point metal surfaces.

9.Fast cooling speed, low coating dilution, strong metallurgical bonding or interfacial diffusion bonding with the substrate, good coatings with low dilution can be obtained through the adjustment of laser process parameters, and the coating composition and dilution can be controlled.

10.Smaller heat input and distortion, deformation can be reduced to within the assembly tolerance of the part when using high power density rapid melting.


1.Applicable materials:

The laser cladding machine is suitable for ordinary carbon steel, medium and high carbon steel, a variety of alloy steel and other rolling, casting, forging steel, including ductile iron, grey iron (including HT200, etc.) and other types of cast iron materials, other types of metal materials.

2.Applicable industries:

The laser cladding machine can be large, medium and small imported and domestic mechanical parts of the defects of the rapid repair, widely used in metallurgy, molds, machinery manufacturing, petrochemicals, light industry, energy, transportation, automobiles, hardware tools, military red, electric ships, ships, locomotives, coal machinery ,etc.

Technical Data

Equipment cooling system

Cooling capacity ≥ 12KWHW12

Rotating part

Integrated linkage

Control software


Working platform

1500*300*300mm (can be customized)

Industrial control computer

Intel dual-core solid-state hard drive 4G memory

Powder Parameter:

Powder Feeding Capacity(g/min)

1-40(can be customized)

Powder feeding accuracy (%)

≤1% (adjustable)

Powder storage tank capacity (kg)


Motor power(W)


Powder sending pressure(MPa)


Flow rate of powder sending gas(m/h)


Rotary Diameter Parameters:

Turntable diameter


Load capacity




Ambient temperature


Protection level


Laser parameters:

Rated output power


Minimum beam quality


Fibre length


Power Stability


Wavelength range


Operating Voltage


Maximum power consumption


Maximum cooling requirements


Laser head parameters

Maximum laser power

2kWdepending on the application and the nozzle used

Working distance

12 -14 mm


0.20 (FC100), NAmax: 0.11 (FC200)

Minimum powder focus diameter

0.7 mm (ring gap nozzle), 2.0 mm (3 nozzles)


up to 5 mmdepending on laser power and laser radiation dispersion

Weight of laser head

5.5 kg



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