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PM-600 Portable and Handheld Inkjet Printer

Style NO. :

1. The lightest:The world’s most lightweight portable inkjet printer/portable inkjet printer weighs only one kilogram.
2. Proprietary tools package:In this exclusive tool kit, the accessories readily available mobile printing needs.
3. Random Coding:Anytime, anywhere, at any angle coding, date code machine will not leak.
4. Ultra-long battery life:For continuous printing up to seven hours, printing more than 200,000 characters.
5. Plug and spray cartridge:Nozzle ink path is completely maintenance-free and reduce costs.
6. Big restore space:This handheld inkjet printer can restore 1000 files.
7. Have Auto electricity saving function:handheld inkjet printer will auto turn-off after 5 minutes to save electricity.When don.t use it , the LED back light of LCD screen will turn dark after 10 second.
Operators can edit the printing content directly on the machine, there is no need to connect the machine to a computer.
Ink-jet printer can support online editing for characters, letters, numbers, and symbols. Also, packaging printing machine can support for print preview.
Characters or numbers should not exceed 8 lines when editing.
The character height is optional from 0-9 size.
One single print content can support up to 240 characters or numbers.
The portable inkjet printer can save up to 1000 print contents.
Intelligent identification for the input languages.
Date, time and series number can be inserted and marked.
The portable inkjet printer is a wireless inkjet printer, it can support 4 kinds of date format. At the same time, operators can custom format for date and time.
Support any format of the series number with length set freely from 1-8 size.
All sorts of commonly used symbols can be inserted online.
The machine can be opened or print content in a fast speed within one second.
The print content can be printed immediately after being selected, there is no need to load.
The portable inkjet printer can automatically turned-off after 5 minutes when not in use.
Continuous time of printing and use for more than 10 hours.
Standby time: more than 12 months.
Printing various length fixed print, number, character on products that in light color packaging printing, cables, electrical wires, etc.

Available inkjet printer color: black, blue, green, yellow.

The headheld inkjet printer is also called portable inkjet printer,date code machine,packaging printing,wireless inkjet printer,ink-jet printer.

Technical Data
2.8-Inch Colorful LCD Screen (LED Backlight).
Input Devices
Infrared Remote Control, No Need Computer Control
Plug and Spray Cartridge, HP Printing Technology.
Letters, Numbers, Graphics, Date / Time is Valid, Class, Ordinary Counters, Box /Light Board Counter, One-Dimensional Bar Code.
Printing Lines
1-8 Lines
Printing Speed
40 Meter /Minute
Ink Type
Fast Dry Ink
Font Height
Print Height: 2.7mm, 3.6mm, 5.5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12.7mm.
Printing Speed
Level 300DPI Conditions Can be up to 76m/min.
The Data Capacity
2G SD Card can Store 999 Document (s).
Power Supply
AC 100V-240V, 50/60HZ, 1.6A Maximum Power: 60W.
212 * 135 * 120 (L * W * H: mm).
1KG (Excluding Ink and Batteries).
Work Environment
Normal, Non-Condensing or Harsh Environment, the Temperature within the Range of 5 Degrees Celsius and -40 Degrees Celsius.

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