PEDB-700A Three-dimensional Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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3D Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine -PEDB-700A
3D Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine -PEDB-700A
3D Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine -PEDB-700A
3D Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine -PEDB-700A
3D Large Format CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Model: PEDB-700A

Product Introduction

The ingenious design of the 3d laser etching machine enables marking on the XYZ axis, enabling unmatched high quality, high precision marking of any irregular or curved shape or size.

The co2 non-metal low-power series laser marking machine is controlled by computer, using 10.64um laser beam, through beam expansion, focusing, and finally by controlling the deflection of the galvanometer laser scanninghead, acting on the working surface according to a predetermined trajectory, so that the working surface is vaporized to realize the marking effect.

Our 3d Co2 laser etching machine with good laser beam mode and stable performance, maintenance-free. It is suitable for large-volume, multi-variety, fast-speed, high-precision continuous production of industrial processing sites.

Product Features

1. The diy laser etching machine adopts world first 3-axis control system and precise 3-axis marking, subverting the traditional 2D marking mode, and realizes various 3D marking modes such as bevel, section-difference, cylinder, cone, spherical, and any curved surface.

2. It has a unique dynamic focusing system that automatically recognizes the surface position of the workpiece and quickly focuses to improve processing efficiency.

3. The shell of laser etching machine for plastic uses mold technology, it is solid and better sealing.

4. It has a unique shutter-shutdown technology that meets European and American safety standards.

5. It adopts imported laser source, high stability, and adopts advanced galvanometer laser scanning technology to ensure high speed, high precision and long life marking, ensuring this 3d laser etching machine to meet the requirements of continuous and efficient production.

6. The laser etching machine for plastic uses imported laser scanning head, fast speed, designed for industrial production environment, to meet the needs of multi-shift work, it has self-diagnosis function, can minimize the maintenance time.

7. The 3d laser etching machine uses imported optics, high precision, finer laser spot, more uniform optical quality can engrave numbers, barcode, serial number, random number, graphics, trademarks, photos and many other graphic.

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It is widely used in the clothing and furniture industry, leather, food and beverage packaging, electronic components, handicrafts, glass and stone processing and many other fields of graphics and text marking and cutting.

It is suitable for marking large non-metallic materials, such as paper, packaging, plastic products, labels, leather fabrics, glass, ceramics, resin plastics, bamboo and wood products, PCB boards, etc.

Product parameters

Machine type


Product name

Co2 laser marking machine

Laser output power


Laser wavelength


Engraving range


Marking speed


Marking depth




Electricity demand

220v,50-60hz single phase

Cooling method

Water Cooling



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