Fully Automatic PLC Fabric Spreading Machine

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Fully Automatic PLC Fabric Spreading Machine -PE-B1203
Fully Automatic PLC Fabric Spreading Machine -PE-B1203
Fully Automatic PLC Fabric Spreading Machine

Model: PE-B1203

Product Introduction

The fully automatic spreading machine boasts a PLC touch screen operating system, offering effortless parameter setting and straightforward operation. The autoamic spreading device ensures a flat and wrinkle-free fabric finish, while the cutting knife device flexibly adapts to various fabric widths, delivering efficient and high-quality spreading results.

With its powerful stacking function, the conveyor stacking platform can automatically send materials to be transported to the next process for automated production.

When the automatic spreading machine is not operated for more than 5 minutes, it will automatically shut down, energy saving and environmental protection. It can be used in almost the entire textile industry, including a variety of knitted woven garments, denim, coated fabrics, plastic fabrics, synthetic fiber fabrics, medical gauze and so on, can be easily dealt with, very suitable for mass production.

Product Features

1.PLC Touch Control Device: Conveniently set the parameters for fabric spreading, including length, method, quantity, speed, and sections, providing a simpler and more intuitive operation experience.

2.Fabric Spreading Device: Effectively adapts to different fabric widths and tensions, achieving a wrinkle-free spreading effect and ensuring a smooth and aesthetic finish.

3.Cutting Blade Device: Easy disassembly and assembly of the cutting blade and the host, allowing flexible settings for blade travel distance and cutting speed based on fabric width.

4.Folding device: The fabric laying machine supports double-pulling and round-trip spreading, enhancing work efficiency.

5.Automatic Fabric Pre-loosening Device: First loosens the fabric before spreading, effectively releasing tension and ensuring consistent and stable spreading quality.

6.Edge Detection and Automatic Alignment Device: Precisely detects the fabric edge, enabling automatic edge alignment during the spreading process, improving spreading accuracy.

7.Fabric End Sensor Device: When the fabric is fully spread, the sensor automatically controls the main unit to stop and completes the automatic return to the origin and reset to the fixed point, enhancing automation in the operation.

8.Automatic Rising Device: Intelligently sets the rising amount based on the fabric thickness, coordinating with the spreading height to achieve precise spreading.

9.Emergency Stop Device: Emergency stop cables are installed on both sides of the cutting bed, allowing operators to pull the cable at any position for immediate stoppage, ensuring operational safety.

10.Remote Control Device: The fabric laying machine supports remote control functionality, enabling operators to remotely start and stop the fabric spreading machine, as well as adjust the lifting of the fabric feeding mechanism, enhancing operational convenience.


The automatic fabric spreader is suitable for industries such as clothing, home textiles, automotive interior,non-woven fabrics, mesh fabrics, luggage, leather, toy fabrics, medical gauze, raincoats, etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Automatic spreading machine

Product models


Cloth wide

1.6m, 1.9m, 2.1m (customizable for width)





Spreading speed

0-100mmin (adjustable)

Single pull height

26 centimeters

Double pull height

27 centimeters

Fabric Weight

80KG (max)

Fabric diameter

50 centimeters

Machine size

L * W * H (MM)




Packing size

L * W * H (MM)




This device accepts customized widening and lengthening, and can be matched with corresponding systems according to customer needs



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