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PEK-30 High Precision Desktop 3D Printer for Ceramics and Metal

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Product Description

Perfect Laser is aimed to solve the potential problems about the 3d printing equipment and produced many products satisfied the different industries. Now Perfect Laser independently produced the 3d mini printer (Model PEK-30), the performance of 3d mini printer is faster than the traditional FDM models on the market. This kind of 3d mini printer can meet the needs of high-precision printing objects and its forming speed is far more than the traditional 3d printing equipment, so that the old and new customers can obtain the most cost-effective 3d mini printer with the most preferential prices.


Applied materials: This kind of 3d printing equipment is widely applied in jewelry, resins, ceramics, plastics, metal materials.

Application industry: This kind of 3d printing equipment is widely applied in jewelry processing, dental, toy manufacturing, auto parts manufacturing.

Product Features

1. This is the first professional three d printer combined with laser engraving. It can not only achieve 3D printing, but also can achieve laser engraving;

2. The overall design of the 3d mini printer is compact, the size is small, print size is large;

3. This three d printer has the first linear bearing system. And the running is more stable and ultra-quiet (work 45 dB);

4. Equip with extra thick heating bed, that make the heating more uniform and faster;

5. Motor and screw integration of three d printer can make the printing more accurate;

6. 24V voltage input of three d printer, it is very safe and reliable. The 3d metal printer can support using batteries for offline printing;

7. This 3d mini printer also has a lot of patented technologies. The technology is guaranteed;

8. The three d printer's frame structure is more stable, and print quality is higher.

Technical Specification



Overall weight


Overall dimension


Parts package dimension


XY Precision


Each Layer Precision

0.1-0.4mm adjustable

Print Speed

<200mm/s(Normal print speed is 100mm/s)

Frame structure

Patented technology,high-precision aluminum

Printing consumables

PLA,ABS,Flexible glue,Wood, Carboform, Metal Consumables

1.75mm,optional color

Operation system

Win7, Win8, XP, MAC, Linux

Operation software

Cura,Repetier-host,and support for multiple slicing software

Off-line print

Trans-flash card and on-line print

Power supply



3D print & laser engraving

Heated bed

3mm ultra thick integrated heating aluminum plate

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