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Large Format Multicolor Best Large Format UV Printers PE-UV1315 for Sale

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Product Description

Perfect laser is specialized in various types of printer uv research and development, production, marketing, training, after-sales service.Our production of printer uv PE-UV1315 with high-speed, high-precision, high-quality dual-head Epson, format of printer uv is 1300*1500mm, with high production efficiency, printer uv saving more time and reduce production costs and other advantages. Printer uv can achieve excellent production efficiency, rich bright colors, printer uv can meet the various sectors, the various needs of a variety of materials color inkjet customers.


Printer UV Applicable Materials:Tile,glass,wood,metal plates,plastic plates,acrylic,UV board, KT board,wave board,leather,textile, paper, etc.

Printer UV Applicable Industries: Advertising industry, decoration industry, the housing industry, leather industry, handicraft industry, household furniture industry, the toy industry, jewelry industry, souvenirs and other industries.

1.Home decoration, Store decoration, Wall painting, Decorative painting and other industries

2.Advertising signs display panels industry

3.Leather textile printing industry


1.High-precision linear guide Mute: linear guide imported brands, long life, smooth motion is high, greatly reducing noise generated by the equipment in high-speed movement process, the control within 40 dB.

2.Head collision avoidance system: a unique collision avoidance system, easy to deal with debugging any material, prevent accidents caused by human error and better protect the nozzle.

3.Cartridge automatic alarm system: When the ink level is less than one-third of the ink cartridge lights automatic alarm, allowing uninterrupted printing, production and smooth.

4.Independent research and moisture cleaning system: easy to effectively protect the printer uv head, and to avoid wasting ink and save operating costs.

5.Professional RIP software: using well-known brands ULTRAPRINT professional color management software to ensure bright color output.

6.Bidirectional printing to improve printer uv printing speed and efficiency of UV curing lamps alternately.

Model Parameters

Model type

Printer UV PE-UV1315

NO. of print heads


Print head type

Epson DX5 or DX7

Printing resolution

2880*1440dpi(32 Pass),1440*1440dpi(16 Pass),1440*720dpi(8 Pass),720*720dpi(4 Pass),720*360dpi(2 Pass)

Lifting function

Intelligent ink tank lifting,electronic-automatic/manual operation intelligent induction to inspect and adjust height

Printing speed

2 PASS 16M²/hr

4 PASS 8M²/hr

8 PASS 4M²/hr

12 PASS 3.7M²/hr

16 PASS 2.5M²/hr

File format



High speed USB transmission interface

Print color

High precision intelligent double 4 colors/4 colors(CMYK),double 8 colors/8 colors(white ink optional)

Ink system

1000ml*8 colors

Max Printing size


Max Media thickness

80mm130mm optional

Power consumption


Operation system

MS Window 98/Me/2000/XP/Win7

Operation condition

Temperature 15~35Reative humidity 20%~80%



Packing Dimensions


Sustain Weight

Max 100KG

Curing lamp

Germany Osram LED light

RIP software


X axle rail brand and model

Taiwan HIWIN mute linear guide rail

X shaft belt

Japan Fujifilm industrial wire belt

X axis /Y axis servo motor

Taiwan Delta

X axis beam

Two times tempered high strength steel, high hardness, no deformation

X/Y axis print towline and wire harness

Germany IGUS

Y shaft drive screw

Imported grinding rod

Ink car lift rail brand

Taiwan HIWIN mute linear guide rail

Platform type and accuracy

Glass platform

Solvent capacity and liquid level alarm of main ink box

1L capacity, including liquid level alarm

Filtration and brand


Negative pressure control mode

Double negative color control

Negative pressure meter brand and model

Japan Fujifilm

Electrical switch brand

Japan Omron

Ink pipe

France Saint-Gobain

X/Y/Z axis master control driver

X/Y/Z three axis servo drive, delta exclusive research and development

Sprinkler board control

National exclusive network card, 3 cable transmission, easy to upgrade

Ink circulation system

White ink circulation, white ink mixing to prevent plugging

Frame structure

All steel one-piece frame, non welded or locked aluminum frame


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