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Aluminum is widely used in industries.It is widely used in industries of advertising signs, the production of sheet metal structure machinery,etc.

Marking Aluminum
Laser marking machine for aluminum with high efficiency,low energy cost will surely meet your needs.
  • PEQD-100
  • PEQD-025
  • PEQD-030
  • Fiber Laser Marker PEDB-400B
  • PEDB-400B-1
  • PEDB-400H
Cutting Aluminum
Alumnium can be processed by metal cutters, mixing cutting machine with high precision compared to traditional industrial processing.
  • PE-F500-3015
  • PE-F700-3015
  • PE-F2000-3015
  • PE-F3015P 4020P 6020P
  • Mixed Laser Cutter PEDK-130250M
Bending Aluminum
Perfect laser channel letter bending machine is very important for advertising signs.It can easily process aluminum foil into various shapes with high speed and accuracy
  • PEL-100
  • PEL-200
  • PEL-600
  • Channel Letter Bender PEL-700
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