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Zinc plate is an important industrial material. It is widely used in making advertising board, sheet metal structure, and some industrial such as textile machinery parts,etc.

Marking Zinc
Laser marking machines are used in a dynamic,highly adaptable process for high-speed character,logo,graphic etc marking.It's highly readable and leaves a permanent mark that enables effective traceability and is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions.
  • Fiber Laser Marker
  • PEQD-100
  • PEQD-025
  • PEQD-030
  • PEDB-400B-1
  • PEDB-200
Cutting Zinc
Metal or fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for zinc plate cutting. The high speed, high efficiency, high using rate can save your cost and produce beautiful and precision productions.
  • PE-F500-1325
  • PE-F700-3015
  • Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • PE-F2000-3015
  • PE-F2000-2513
  • PE-F2030G


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