HD Enhanced Vertical Wall Inkjet Mural Printer PE-S50

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HD Enhanced Vertical Wall Inkjet Mural Printer-PE-S50
HD Enhanced Vertical Wall Inkjet Mural Printer-PE-S50
HD Enhanced Vertical Wall Inkjet Mural Printer-PE-S50
HD Enhanced Vertical Wall Inkjet Mural Printer

Model: PE-S50

Product description

Perfect laser is a well-known wall printing company dedicated to the development and production of wall inkjet printers. At present, the vertical high-definition enhanced wall inkjet printer developed by Perfect laser can achieve ultra-high-precision painting, especially for high-precision inkjet printing operations, the actual screen size height is 2000mm, width is not set, remove The problem of moving the machine due to the need for a larger size in machine operations. Once the model was launched, it was widely praised by new and old customers.

Product features

1.The vertical wall printer's material quality: The body is assembled of aluminum-magnesium alloy, although the chassis is light and thin but durable. The body parts are made of imported CNC equipment and equipped with professional mold parts. The whole vertical wall inkjet mural printer and accessories have a high degree of consistency and use is more stable.
2. The vertical wall printer's ink adopts imported high-quality color paste, and the low-temperature environment will not freeze or heat, and it will not break ink under the working condition. The picture is full of color, full of three-dimensional color, no fading and green, very suitable for Customers who have strict quality requirements for painting.

3. The vertical wall inkjet mural printer use the advanced ink drop control and high fault tolerance are combined with feathering technology. The vertical wall printer's output quality is more perfect.
4.The vertical wall printer equipped with the advanced system: The high-precision brushless servo motor control system eliminates the trouble of late maintenance and cleaning.

5. The vertical wall inkjet mural printer use the first-class technology: The vertical wall inkjet mural printer use the AC servo control technology, so that higher accuracy, stability, stronger, longer life.
6. The vertical wall printers's prinkler data signal adopts the integrated fiber output. Faster speed, strong anti-interference ability, high reliability, stable transmission data.vertical wall printer,vertical wall inkjet mural printer
7. Intimate design: The vertical wall inkjet mural printer's system is equipped with the built-in auto-completion map can largely reduce the scrapping rate of painting and reduce your production cost.


This kind of vertical wall inkjet mural printer is suitable for a variety of special materials: painted inside and outside wall, wall putty, paint the walls, white porcelain, ceramic tile, walls, glass, paper, canvas, wall, colored glaze, shell powder, wall paint color tablets.

Technical Date


PE-S50 Vertical Wall Printer


Special ink for synthetic pigment wall painting

Assembly method

Self steering fastener, pulley, track fastener, quick disassembly and assembly

Control mode

Wired handle, wired control

Motor technology

DC brushless servo motor, vector positioning technology, five star grating

Feeding system

Negative pressure automatic feeding, 340ml pigment library, multi-color one, special color for, with a sealed plug and dust cover

Painting speed

High, medium, low, three-speed adjustable

Painting resolution


Picture type

Support JPG, BMP, TIFF, PDF, AI, PSD, CDR and other files (some formats need to be converted)

Actual painted size

Height 2000mm, wide width can be extended

Power Supply


Power consumption

No-load 20W, general 75W, Max to 250W


Standby <20dBA, drawing <50dBA


-10℃-60℃14℉-140℉10%-80% relative humidity, non condensable state


-30℃-60℃-22℉-140℉10%-80% relative humidity, non condensable state

System platform

Windows XP/Win 7/Win 8/Win 9/Win 10

Motherboard configuration

Sextuple-core CPU, 2GBDDR memory, USB2.0/3.0 data interface

Machine language


Print mode


Speed (per square meter per hour)

Quick mode


10 Plane / hour

Production model


56Plane / hour

Quality model


4.5 Plane / hour

High precision model


3 Plane / hour

Equipment appearance

Actual size

Machine package size

Cross track packing size



Length 2610mm

Length 1200mm



Width 450mm

Width 900mm



Height 560mm

Height 390mm



Rack packing weight 61kg

Cross track packing weight 56kg

Package type

Wooden box

Note: the technical parameters above should be the design parameters. If there are any differences, the actual use efficiency of the equipment shall prevail.




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