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Automatic Bender Machine for Die Making-PEC-100 (1)
Automatic Bender Machine for Die Making-PEC-100 (1)
Automatic Bender Machine for Die Making-PEC-100 (1)
Automatic Bender Machine for Die Making-PEC-100 (1)
Automatic Bender Machine for Die Making

Model: PEC-100 (1)


The automatic computer steel rule bender blades feeding part adopts imported screw clamp knife. And the size is accurate and error-free, also the rule bending machine repeatability is good, so that the operation is more safe and reliable. The bending cutting machine can realize six functions of bending, bridge position, front eagle mouth, rear eagle mouth, front flat cutting and rear flat cutting at the same time, fast and accurate; powerful and perfect software control system makes any requirement for the curved knife easy. Greatly improve work efficiency, reduce factory management costs, and get rid of the dependence on manual production of difficult tool.


1. Completely independent software patent. This steel rule bender software supports graphics formats such as DXF, which can be upgraded for free for life.

2. High precision mechanical components and quality electronic components ensure the accuracy and consistency of the rule bending machine scimitars.

3. Unique professional design, with strong bending editing function, realize multiple operations of scimitar, bridge position and hawk on the same bending cutting machine, greatly reducing the workload of operators.

4. This steel rule bender adopts the "shear" mode after bending to improve the shear speed and accuracy .

5. The rule bending machine supports single time/single group/multi-group processing mode, realize batch automatic processing.

6. Imported high performance servo motor drive, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the failure rate of the bending cutting machine.

7. Reasonable price, comprehensive service. Long supply of steel rule bender spare parts, training operators, provide technical support.


1. The rule bending machine is suitable for color boxes, wine boxes, cigarette boxes, special-shaped complex knife die and other laser, handmade plate.

2. The bending cutting machine is widely used in printing and packaging industry, laser knife die, doll, plastic suction knife die, manual knife die factory.

Technical Data

Product name

PEC-100 Steel Rule Bender

Blade thickness


Blade height


Maximum bending angle


Minimum 90 bending radius


Front minimum bending dimension


Minimum rear shear size


Feeding accuracy


Bend flatness



Scimitar, bridge position, flat cut, hawk

Cut off the way

Pendulum break or automatic plane cut

Optimum graphic format

DXF optimum format

Air pressure requirements


The power supply requirements

220v 50/60HZ (Standard)



Overall dimensions

2800×730×1310mm(L×W× H)





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