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PM-200 Date Numbers Wire Bag Bottle/Box Packging Industrial Inkjet Printer

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Industrial Ink-jet printer also called continuous inkjet printer machine is an un-contiguous marking system controlled by single chip. By controlling inner gear pump or providing compressed gas from machine exterior, continuous ink printer puts press on the inks in the system, emits inks by way of several dozen UM nozzle.
1.Perfect Laser selects the best fittings from all over the world. Power supplies for the continuous inkjet printer are offered by the most famous manufacturer who supplied to the aviation in China, pumps are made in Germany, the electrical chips are supply by Phillips and the pipelines are imported from Switzerland.
2.Perfect humanity design, English-Chinese mutual, phonetic and region-position input, ability to download BMP from computer, one button touch stop/ start function, diagnose any fault automatics, phase and viscosity controlled automatically, nozzles auto wash.
3.The continuous inkjet printer can work with the production line or conveyor belt to achieve the online flying printing.
Perfect Laser’s continuous ink printer is widely used for paper printing, glass bottles printing, plastic bottles printing, metal printing, medicine box printer, plastic bags printing, cartons printing, paper bags printing, electronic products printing, labels printing, nylon printing, ABS/PVC/PC printing, rubber printing, resin printing, ceramic printing, etc.
The machine can be also called:continuous inkjet printer machine,continuous inkjet printer,continuous ink printers,continuous inkjet,batch number printing machine.
Technical Data
Machine Type
Inkjet Printer
Model Number
Print Lines
1-4 Lines
1-5 Lines
1-6 Lines
Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Colorful LCD Touching Screen
Print Height
1-15mm (Adjustable)
Print Distance
Print Speed
In Chinese & English, With Editing Function
Store Information
40 pcs of Jet Printing Information
Jet Ink Available
Black, blue, Red and Other Color Ink
Font Widened
1~9 Times
Print Content
Numbers, Chinese Character, Letter, Logo, Serial Numbers, Random Numbers etc. With in 32×2560pixel.
Fixed Length Print Function
Any Unit, Any Length.

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