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PM-400 China Supplier 8 ~50mm Height Bags Logo Big Character Inkjet Printer

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Product Features
Industrial inkjet coder also called date code printer or date coder selects the best fittings from all over the world. Power supplies are offered by the most famous manufactures who supplied to the aviation in China, LCD touching keyboard screens, the electromagnetic valves and pipelines are imported with high quality.

Perfect humanity design-English/Chinese mutual, one button touch stop/start function, diagnose any fault automatics, phase and viscosity controlled automatically, nozzles auto wash.
Large Character Ink Jet machine is mainly used in product packaging printing area code, date, batch number and other content. This kind of large character inkjet printer(also named inkjet date coder) is widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and other industries. Jet printing on porous surfaces (such as ordinary cardboard boxes, templates, textiles, etc.) and permeability surface (such as glossy cardboard boxes, metal, plastics, ceramics, and weaving belt) brand.
Technical Data


PM-400 (7 nozzle)

PM-400 (16 nozzle)

Printing Lines

Can Print 2 Lines English Letters and Numbers, 1 Line Chinese Characters

Printing Height

Lattice 7 Nozzle:10-20MM

Lattice 16 Nozzle:20-50MM

Printing Speed

0.2m/min ----91m/min

Printing Lattice

5*5 4*7 5*7 5*5 4*7 5*7 7*9 6*12 8*16 8*7 9*16 12*16

Printing Fuction

ASCII Visible Characters, and More Than 6000 GB of Chinese Characters (Pinyin Input Method)

Flip Around Upside Down and Tilted Characters

Positive Sequence, in Reverse Order String

Multi-Line Printing (1-2)

Real-Time Clock and Date

Can Be Set to Automatically Repeat the Printing Content

User Self Graphics or Characters

Automatic Print Photoelectric Switch Control Print, the Encoder Controls the Printing and Photoelectric + Encoder Control Print

Printing Distance


Information S


200 Information Files, Each up to 5120 Points

Communication Interface


Power Supply


Environmental Conditions

Temperature 0-45 ° Air Humidity 10-90% (not Cold)

Ink Specifications

Ketone Based Ink, Ink, Water-Based, Alcohol-Based Ink, Request a Special Ink

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