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PM-100B Ink System Printing Date Coding Machine Industrial Continuous Inkjet Printer

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Product description

Perfect Laser is a company that has many certificates and specializes in continuous inkjet printer production. In order to meet the needs of the market, a continuous inkjet printing model PM-100B has been introduced. The continuous inkjet printing prints ink on the surface of various materials. The information you can print includes, but is not limited to, bar codes, manufacturer's logos, product tracking information, time, date, or production lot numbers.

Product features

1.We usually design to spurt the continuous inkjet printer and production line installed together, so that when the products after spraying, the continuous inkjet printer can print required information. The use of electric eye can guarantee the printing and products appear synchronous.

2.The continuous inkjet printing machine is consists of a chassis and a spray head. An electronic component, an ink system ,a power supply, and a display screen are in the box. The nozzle of the continuous ink printer is connected to the back of the machine through a flexible pipe.

3.The ink system to supply ink, ink in the nozzle to form a continuous flow of ink, the ink flow back to the end of the ink system cycle. When needed, continuous inkjet printing ink is deflected from the ink flow, leaving the spray nozzle to be printed on the product, and the product and the spray head are not in contact with the spray printing process. The continuous inkjet printing process is controlled by the electronic components, and the printed materials are stored in the electronic components. Edit and operate the printed material through the display screen.

4.The continuous inkjet printer is equipped with specialization. Professional software engineers solved the problems that may occur, and through in-depth research, designed a low-power, highly integrated hardware modular circuit and hydraulic system.

5.The continuous inkjet printer has a simple operation interface, is very user-friendly, and has a one-button maintenance function, which can reduce personnel training costs.

6.The continuous inkjet printer uses high-quality accessories, such as power supply and LCD key display screens are all using China's top brands.


Applicable industry: The industrial printing machine is widely applied in drinks, food, wine, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, pipes, floor, seeds, lubrication oil and external packaging industry field has been widely used.
Applied materials: The industrial printing machine is widely applied in paper, plastic products, metal, glass, wood.

Technical Date




Stainless steel 304, surface process


220V±20% 50HZ 100VA


Normal operation under pressure up to 4.48bar, under the fault conditions as high as 6.2bar.

Nozzle size


Spraying distance

Trumpet: 3.5mm Medium: 10mm spray nozzle

Jet printing speed

2m/s (5 * 7 dot matrix)

Jet printing dot matrix

32 * 140 in any dot matrix, digital, Chinese characters, letters, charts, etc.

Spray into the number

1-4 lines, can be sprayed 34 lines of 1 points high pattern, or four lines of 7 points, or 6 lines of 5 points high character.

Character height

Minimum character height of 1.1mm, maximum height of 11.2mm, up to 24 points

Meter function

Arbitrary unit meter

Adapted ink

Red, black, blue, green, yellow, high adhesion, high temperature, invisible ink, etc. (this machine can not use the pigment ink)

Ink value consumption

500ml printing (5 * 7 dot matrix digital) about 60,000,000 dot matrix




50--80RH% No dew

Spray printing function

Bold characters up to 9 times, characters with rotating function: spray print height, width and delay can be automatically adjustable frequency, date, and time between the word format: fixed and variable text, size, can write character in real time clock function, can jet printing to seconds; USB pattern call / ink jet printer data, backup parameters reduction function / software system upgrade; features a serial number, with hexadecimal counting function a lot number and the counting function, reverse jet printing function, timing functions; date and event format options for a flexible, automatic date calculation.

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