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Laser Marking In The Mid-Autumn Festival
2016-08-05 by bridge

Lantern, also known as lantern scaldfish, using cloth or paper as the skin, usually with a wood skeleton production.In the middle you can put a candle or light bulb. Lantern skin production is very important. Traditional crafts are hand cut pattern, pattern style is very less, production is relatively complex with long production cycle.

Three-dimensional greeting cards
Laser engraving for card is to use laser beam’s characteristics of high energy density , projecting laser beam onto the surface of paper products, cutting through the paper and hollow pattern. Using laser and different types of paper, the artist will design before create when the first pattern, and then cut the pattern one by one with laser.At last combining these cut paper. The overall feeling is intricate complex and exquisite.Compared with paper-cut, they are more like a full three-dimensional laser sculpture.

Our company’s Fiber Laser Marking Machine PEDB-400Ais adopted international advanced technology and the working material is fiber. The diode coupling with fiber to process pump, the pump light will course the particles reverse which can emit high quality laser beam.Welcome to buy.

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