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Lasers in Automotive & Tool Industry
2016-08-05 by hoogege

Since the early 1980s, the automotive industry has been one of the driving forces behind innovative high-power laser applications. This industrial segment has stringent requirements regarding the quality and reliability of beam sources. In conjunction with cutting, welding and marking, lasers offer considerable benefits compared to conventional techniques. Improved flexibility and ease of automation, meet the central requirements of this sector.

The first lasers were used to weld simple cylindrical parts, such as the components of an automatic transmission. The use of a CO2 laser minimized distortion allowing highly compact and affordable gear trains. Today, lasers are used to process complete vehicle bodies. Roof seam, door welding, three-dimensional cutting of hydroformed parts, annealing of door springs, marking of day & night panels are only a few examples out of a wide range of applications.

Lasers that are used as cutting and welding tools have become indispensable for general machine construction. There is hardly a sector today where lasers are not successfully proving their value, offering a variety of benefits in industrial production. Thanks to clean cut edges, reliable weld seams and flexible guidance systems, high-power lasers have conquered a considerable market share, especially in sheet metal processing.
The processing spectrum is manifold: various components are marked flexibly, durably and with changing contents, flat sheets with thicknesses of 25 mm are cut by lasers or gearwheels, injection nozzles, fire extinguisher housings and heat exchangers are welded. Furthermore, lasers are used for the production of tubes and profiles that are cut by lasers or welded thanks to intelligent system solutions.

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