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laser screen called
2016-08-05 by bridge

Solutions provider, Microvision (MVIS) of vision application in the Nasdaq-listed shares rose 13% on the 18th, during the year rose as high as 130%, becoming one of the best performing companies on the US stock market

MVIS (Microvision) being sought, because people think highly of laser display technology optimistic about the prospects. Laser display technology uses a laser beam transmission frame, with a wide color gamut, long life, high efficiency, low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, etc., it is considered to be the mainstream following the black and white, standard color display, LCD high-definition digital display after the next generation display technology.

In China, the laser display technology is developing rapidly. As of last year, the number of patents China in the field of applied laser display technology has been ranked third in the world after the US and Japan. This is largely due to policy support. China laser sreen is most likely leading international level display technology. Planning requirements to carry out high brightness laser display, high-performance low-cost laser display, engineering and industrial development large-screen laser TV and portable (including micro) laser display machine products, and developed a "value of RMB10 billion / year production of 500,000 units / year "," laser sreen theater system: 30% market share "and other targets.

In technical applications, Chinese enterprises have been in the forefront. For example, in the television field, the technology of first tube era was control by Japanese corporate , flat-panel era in Korean corporate control panel patented technology, now laser display technology and products in the field, Chinese enterprises have occupied the mainstream. Last year, domestic manufacturers focus on the outbreak, Hisense and Konka have launched large-size laser TV product, which Hisense released completely independently developed 100-inch laser theater system, using ultra-short focus technique, only less than 50 cm away from the wall space You can cast a 100-inch display screen. In the beginning of this year's CES sreen, Hisense held a "no-screen TV era" press conference, the official overseas Recommend a "laser theater" products. Hisense Group Chairman A motion is expected in the future "no screen" . The laser sreen will be at great cost, weight and power advantages for the consumer acceptance, eventually replace the LCD flat panel display.

Laser display industry is currently still in the start-up phase, but the future could play an important role in holographic projection, laser TV, huge market room for imagination, the potential market space in more than 10 billion yuan. Laser screen is in the industrialization accelerated phase, product demand will erupt soon.

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