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Czech Customer​ - Metal Laser Cutter PE-F3015

I have cooperated with China Perfect Laser several times before. I have heard that this metal laser cutter I bought has received a lot of good feedback. It has a switched working platform, using the whole bed welded after annealing switch. It can weld steel plates about 12 mm thick. Moreover, its switchboard height is high, with chain transmission, double guide rail and two working platforms, automatic feeding, greatly saving the time of feeding and unloading. Its fully enclosed structure can effectively reduce laser radiation and is suitable for enterprises with strict processing environment requirements. As the two platforms in the middle of the fuselage are not on the same plane, it can realize the function of fast transformation of feeding and unloading, saving time. The switchboard has a high load bearing capacity and can place 8-10mm carbon steel plate. The design of this metal laser cutter is very reasonable and in coordinate plus it helps in saving processing time. The acceleration of heavy duty machine tool is fast, the repeated positioning accuracy is positive or negative 0.03mm, and the cutting precision can reach 7-8 wires. Once I purchased this metal laser cutter, I used it to cut stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel and other metal plates for processing, which has greatly improved our working efficiency and saved a lot of processing time. I am looking forward to maintaining a long-term cooperation with Perfect Laser.



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