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700w Fiber Laser Cutting System for Brass Copper Cutting-PE-F700-3015
700w Fiber Laser Cutting System for Brass Copper Cutting-PE-F700-3015
700w Fiber Laser Cutting System for Brass Copper Cutting-PE-F700-3015
700w Fiber Laser Cutting System for Brass Copper Cutting

Model: PE-F700-3015


Perfect laser perfectly combines cutting-edge fiber laser technology with digital control technology to develop this 700w fiber laser cutting machine, which is specially designed for brass and copper cutting machine processing. Since the brass cutting machines are on the market, sales have been among the best and have been widely recognized in the market.

700w fiber laser cutting machine's overall performance has won good market feedback, Perfect laser R & D manufacturing sales level has reached a good level. Perfect laser will also keep up with the trend of technology and make its own contribution to the laser equipment industry.

Main Features

1. Flexible processing, compatible with a variety of graphics and text: the use of Perfect Laser's CNC software, the copper cutting machine supports a variety of graphics and text, preview product cutting effect, wide applicability, simple operation;

2. High-efficiency and high-precision: fiber laser cut machine adopts imported high-precision reducer, helical rack and pinion drive, double drive linear guide rail, reaching 0.05mm positioning accuracy, can apply uneven processing materials to ensure processing efficiency;

3. Low maintenance and low investment: The core components of the brass cutting machine adopt international brands, with 2 years warranty, 100,000 hours of service life, and no maintenance. The fiber laser cut machine consumes 0.5-5 kWh per hour, which greatly reduces the cost of use;

4. Humanized Automatic Lubrication System: The CNC laser cutters can ensure nearly 500 times per minute to lubricate the guide rails, gears and bearings, reduce the friction of mechanical parts, and achieve better performance.


1. Applicable materials: This 700w fiber laser cutting machine is good in brass and copper thin metal sheet processing, and also suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, various alloy steel, aluminum, titanium and other metal materials.

2. Applicable industries: The 700w fiber laser cutting machine is widely applied in Chassis cabinets, metal handicrafts, hardware products, kitchen and bathroom, machinery manufacturing, agricultural machinery, auto parts, advertising production, environmental protection equipment, elevator equipment and other industries.




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