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South Korean Customer - Channel Letter Bending Machine PEL-700

I am working in the prosperous South Korean advertising industry for past many years. Recently, my organization entrusted me with the task of purchasing channel letter bending machines and CNC engraving machines. The task was very difficult, as my company’s mandate was to acquire letter bending machines which can simultaneously process aluminum, stainless steel, and iron profile.

The task became quite strenuous as I was searching fruitlessly and was unable to find a machine as per my Company’s requirement. By sheer coincidence, I came across China Perfect laser, which efficiently resolved all my problems.
Putting faith in Perfect Laser’s sincerity and the promise of meeting my specifications, I visited the Company’s facotry and office, bringing aluminum-plastic panels from Korea, in order to test them on the machine personally. I was pleasantly surprised by the test results of the letter bending machine PEL-700. I immediately signed the purchasing order for CNC engraving machine and channel letter bender with Perfect Laser. My company also verified the quality of the machine and praised my ability to complete this complex task. Hereby, I sincerely thank you, Perfect Laser