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Certificate of Authorization

We - Perfect Laser Co., Ltd. (China), hereby authorize & certify that ARADLASER (Tel No. +98 7670 1337) to be our agent and Iranian distributor for Co2 laser engraver and cutter in the area of Iran.

The agent is authorized to use our brand “Perfect Laser” in its property.

ARADLASER has been Perfect Laser\'s Iran golden distributor for 10 years from 2008-2018. During these 10 years, ARADLASER have AAAAA performance and can provide excellent sales and after-sales service to local customer. Both party will continue such nice business relationship to serve for Iranian customer in future.

Any other party without our “Certificate of Authorization” is not qualified party to use our “Perfect Laser” brand and selling our products in Iran.

Perfect Laser Co., Ltd. (China)
Feb.24th, 2018



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