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PEQD-025E LCD Control Rotary Dot Peen Engraving Machine for Metal Parts

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Perfect Laser is world leading manufacturers for dot peen engraving machine.

Our dot peen engraving machine is a kind of pneumatic marking machine that works by the vibration caused by the compressed air and the mechanical device.
Supporting both 2D flat marking and 3D rotary marking, this stylus marker is suitable for marking both flat and all kinds of cylindrical, conical & spherical rotary work pieces.

Product Features

1. PEQD-025E type dot peen engraving machine takes complete LCD control screen, integrates PC, display, and control system into one unit, and there is no need to work with computer.The smaller size of the dot peen engraving machine can save space, easier to operate and high efficiency.

2. Support both 2D flat marking and 3D rotary marking. The rotary round marker type is suitable for marking both flat and all kinds of cylindrical, conical & spherical workpieces. The rotary range is 0-150mm or 0-200mm.

3. Adopt imported hard alloy, and the dot peen engraving machine is made up by precision mould and molding for once. The rigidity of marking pinhead can reach-92HRA. The dot peen engraving machine's excellent processing ability during work ensures the accuracy of high-speed marking & can make perfect marks on the work-pieces.

4. The dot peen engraving machine adopts American MAC “High-Frequency Valve”. The vibration lifespan can reach 0.1-0.2 billion times, so as to ensure the long and stable operation of the machine.

5. Adopt Japan OMRON “positioning switch”, which can guarantee high accuracy& steadily performance.

6. Adopt Germany import “linear-moving guide rail”, can automatically lubricate & air-proof as well as dust-proof. Therefore, it guarantees the equipment with long-time stable performance & high accuracy.

7. Operated by WINDOWS software. The interface is friendly and easy. With a particular “Path Pre-setting” function, the equipment will be much easier to use during processing of the work-pieces. The function “self-inspection for common malfunction” makes a convenient & quick maintenance for operators.

8. Adopt “marking steel-sheath system”, which own-exploited by Perfect Laser, had solved the problem of big-noise that frequently occurred in dot peen marking machine during marking processing. What’s more, with the advantages of little abrasion rate & only require about 0.2Mpa air pressure, so our machines are economical to avoid unnecessary wasting in energy & cost.

9. The lifetime could exceed 10 years. The average MTTF could exceed 15000 hours. This machine is free of maintenance and low running cost.

10. Rotary dot peen marking machine can support logos and graphs designed in DXF format from AutoCAD, CorelDraw. Support multi-kinds font: MG Font, SHX Font in Auto CAD, CHR in Borland, TTF in Windows.


dot peen engraving machine is applicable for flat marking and rotary marking in the fields of automobile, motorcycle, mechanism, aeronautical and space, electric apparatus and suitable for all kinds of metal and hard plastic marking on steel, such as stainless steel marking, mild steel plate marking, iron marking, aluminum marking, copper marking, brass marking, anodized and coated materials marking, hard plastic material marking, etc.

It is also called dot peen engraving machine,pneumatic engraving machine,round marker,rotary marker



LCD Control + Rotary Dot Peen Marking Machine



Marking Area






Marking Depth


Marking Speed

≤50mm/s (for Characters Height of 3mm / 3-4 Numbers /Second)

Z Axis Lifting Range

0-300 mm or Customized

Rotary Clamper Range



Air Pressure


Marking Accuracy

0.01 mm

Pin Hardness

HRC 92

Power Supply

220V±10, 50HZ

Air Pressure

0.2-0.6 Mpa

Machine Power

≤400 W

Working Environment

-540 ℃

Whole Machine Weight

66 kgs


0.3 m2

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