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PM-1000 Industrial Automatic Batch Coding Machine For Glass And Plastic Bottles

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Product Description

With imported diaphragm pump, high integrated circuit design and automatic ink system, Perfect Laser PM-1000 automatic batch coding machine is more suitable for harsh working environment. Accurate ink viscosity automatic control system and unique nozzle automatic cleaning function ensure unimpeded ink tube for long-term reliable operation. With these high technology design, our PM-1000 industrial inkjet coder is not affected by changes in environmental temperatures and the duration of working time. Our industrial inkjet printing machines will be on work with Perfect Printing Effect.

Product Features

1) Integrated diaphragm pump design:

Compressed air is not required during working and the service time of the industrial inkjet coder is longer than the gear pump.

2) Unique nozzle automatic cleaning function:

Independent wash pumps to spray automatically to clean the nozzle and ink tube when the inkjet barcode printer machine shutdown enable to solve congestion problems.

3) Advanced automatic ink viscosity control system:

Advanced ink viscosity control system makes it more accurate and reliable in relative to other brands of automatic batch coding machine.

4) Applicable for special harsh industrial environments:

Unique positive air pressure function of the inkjet barcode printer can help to withstand dust and water intrusion, suitable for a variety of harsh environments.

5) Perfect digital circuit control system:

Easy to give a glance of automatic batch coding machine equipment operating status by perfect digital circuit control system.

6) Powerful printing features:

To edit other non-work information during inkjet barcode printer working for instantly printing content changes.

Applied Industry

Applied Material: The industrial inkjet printing machines are widely used in Paper, glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal, medicine box , plastic bags , cartons, paper bags, electronic products, labels, nylon, ABS/PVC/PC, rubber, resin, ceramic etc.

Applied Industry: The industrial inkjet printing machines are widely used in Warehouse logistics, wood processing, carton packaging and printing industry, food and beverage packaging industries.

Technical Data





Nozzle tube length



110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz


-10°C ~45°C


10~95% (Non-condensing)

Printing Line


Printing dot

5x5 5x7 7x9 6x12 8x16 12x16 11x24 16x32

Printing Speed


Operation interface

Smart English Touching Interface



Printing content

Date, time and date automatically, automatic expiration date, class number, batch number, serial number, four, counter

Self pattern

Variable bar code, two-dimensional code, security code, multiple languages, multiple fonts (supports personal signature)

Printing length

1024 characters


Black, blue, red

Printing height

1-15mm (adjustable)

Printing distance

0-30mm (adjustable)

Font widening

1 to 9 times, can be widened for a single character

Fonts direction

Normal, opposite, back, irony, print direction can be set independently for individual characters

Font spacing

1 to 8 times, can be edited point by point


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