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300w Metal Sheet CNC Fiber Optic Laser Cutter Machine for 1-3mm Metal Cutting

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1. The fiber optic laser cutter adopts world famous Germany fiber laser technology and USA imported laser cutting head & dynamic focus system, and fiber optic laser cutter can cut and punch different kind of metal materials with high precision and high speed.

2. Since laser is transmitted by fiber, fiber optic laser cutter doesn't need to maintenance, and also doesn't need to adjust the laser optical path at all. The fiber optic laser cutter greatly reduces the machines' fault rate and prolongs the working life.

3. The fiber cutter has large cutting area from 1.5M to 3M, and the fiber cutter can also meet the demands of various kinds of metal processing.

Product Features

1) Excellent beam quality: Smaller focus diameter and high work efficiency.

2) Fast cutting speed: Cutting speed of this fiber cutter is more than 20m/min

3) Stable running condition: adopting the top world imported fiber lasers which has very stable performance, and key parts of the fiber optic laser cutter can reach 100,000 hours' lifetime;

4) High efficiency for photoelectric conversion: compare with Co2 laser cutting machine, fiber optic laser cutter has 3 times photoelectric conversion efficiency as much as it.

5) Low cost & low maintenance: saving energy and protecting environment. Photoelectric conversion rate is up to 25-30%. Electric power consumption is only about 20%-30% of the traditional Co2 laser cutting machine. Fiber cable transmission doesn't need to reflect lens so as to save maintenance cost;

6) Easy operations: fiber line transmission leads to no adjustment of optical path;

7) Super flexible optical effects: the design is compact and is also easy to reach all manufacturing requirements.


Applied materials of 300w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber cutter is mainly used for carbon steel cutting, mild steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and many kinds of metal materials. It is an cnc laser cutters can be used to do high precision cutting. It also can be called fiber cutter machine,fiber optic laser cutter,laser cutter for metal,fiber cutter,carbon steel cutting,cnc laser cutters.

Applied Industry of 300w Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

This laser cutter for metal is applied in sheet metal processing, aviation, spaceflight, electronics, electrical appliances, subway parts, automobile, machinery, precision components, ships, metallurgical equipment, elevator, household appliances, gifts and crafts, tool processing, adornment, advertising, metal foreign processing various manufacturing processing industries.

Technical Data


PE-F300-3015 / PE-F300-2513

Laser Power

300 Watt

Laser Source

World Famous Germany Fiber laser technology

Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Laser Technology

Germany Technology

XYZ Working area

1500*3000*150 (mm)

Max. Cutting Thickness

300w (1-3mm Carbon Steel)

Max. Cutting Speed

0-20 Meters / Min (up to materials)

Laser wavelength


Minimum line width


Location precision


Re-location precision


Max. moving speed


Supporting Format


Power demand


Cooling Way

Water Cooling

Worktable max. load


Transmission Method

Ball Screw Transmission

Table-driven system

Japanese Imported Panasonic Servo Motor & Driving System

Focus Method

Following and Automatic Adjust Focus

Control Method

Offline Movement Control

Control software

Perfect Laser Professional Laser Cutting Software


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