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Ecnomic Co2 Laser Marking Machine (Use Chinese Glass Laser tube)

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Perfect Laser is world leading Co2 laser machine manufacturers.
Our economic Co2 laser marking system takes Chinese Co2 glass laser tube as the laser source, with lifespan 3,000~10,000 hours free of maintenance. It is suitable for users requiring batch production and high marking precision.
Perfect Laser designed a special fog-sealed structure by adding a fog adsorption system. During work, gas and fog will be absorbed to the sealed box, then will be let out to outside through side air pipes.
This particular and unique Co2 laser marking system is special designed for European market or other markets which have high demands for working environmentally. It can be used to do water bottle marking,pvc marking,plastic marking machine
1. High Speed: Imported Laser Scanning System Makes the Marking Speed up to 8000mm/s.
2. High Precision: Re-Position Precision is 0.002mm.
3. High Quality of Laser Beam: Good quality laser beam, long time working life and free of maintenance.
4. Available Data Networking: Greatly mark data, series number & bar code automatically function.
5. Integrated and Compact: Small Size, only 0.5 M2, can be Put on Desk and Easy to Install.
6. Easy Operating: Easy Operation, VCD Training, Trouble Free.
7.The Co2 laser marking system is also called plastic laser marking machine,water bottle marking,pvc marking,plastic marking machine.
Co2 laser marking system is mainly applied in cloth and textile engraving and cutting, shoes and carpet cutting, food printing, medicine printing, soft-drink printing, cigarette code, wines industry, mineral water,daily cosmetic,wires and cables and all kinds of production lines. Due to its various application, it also can be called

Co2 laser marking system can be called as plastic laser marking machine, water bottle marking machine, pvc marking machine, plastic marking machine.

Advertisement Material

Garment Material

Wood Material

Acrylic engraving and cutting,

Plastic engraving and cutting,

PVC board engraving and cutting,

Rubber plate engraving,

Seal engraving,

Organic glass engraving,

Plexiglas engraving,

Marble engraving,

Granite engraving,

Gum engraving,

EVA materials engraving,

Paper engraving and cutting.

Leather engraving and cutting,

Textile engraving,

Fabric engraving,

Cloth engraving,

Shoes engraving,

Jeans engraving,

Carpet engraving and cutting,

Toy cutting,

Woolen cutting,

Denim engraving and cutting.

Wood engraving and cutting

MDF engraving

Plywood cutting

Bamboo engraving

Technical Data






Laser Output Power

Glass Tube


Glass Tube


Glass Tube


Glass Tube

Laser Tube Origin

Made InChina

Life Time of Laser Tube

3000 hours

10000 hours

Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Marking Speed


Standard Working Area

110×110 mm

Optional Working Area

70×70mm,175×175mm (Optional)

Marking Depth


Marking Speed


Repeated Accuracy


Laser Wavelength


Minimum Line Width


Power Supply


Machine Power

2 kw


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