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Acrylic Vacuum Suction Machine For Making Blister Words PEM-1400

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Product Description

Acrylic Blister Machine, also known as plastic vacuum forming machine, is making the plasticizations of PVC, PE, PP, PET, HIPS and other thermoplastic plastic material into various shapes of advanced packaging boxes.Its compression parts are made of large steel so that it has high strength, good rigidity as well as smooth work surface. The lifting and moving platform adopts high precision four axis guidance, therefore the lifting and moving platform is stable when lifting up and down. Compared with the traditional acrylic forming machine, the water balance system is added on the basis of the original balance rack system so that the balance problem of the lifting formwork is solved thoroughly.

Product Features

1.The equipment of the acrylic vacuum forming machine adopts the hydraulic lifting system, which makes the floating plate safe and smooth and the working pressure more strong,so that it ensures the molding more convenient and quick.

2.The acrylic vacuum forming machine system is powerful and can always be in the ideal negative pressure state so that it is more convenient to use.

3.The softening box is equipped with automatic constant temperature control system and unique zoning heating function, therefore, so that the acrylic vacuum forming machine can be set freely according to different heating requirements

4.With advanced technology, the material can be pressed and cooled in one time. The model can also be individually sucked or pressed separately according to the different effects of the lamp box and the words.

5.The acrylic forming machine's work force is up to 12 tons; the power is 380V and 220V (customerised), which can be easy in the factory or shop operation.

6.Small footprint, easy installation.


Application Materials: The plastic vacuum forming machine is widely applied in acrylic sheet (thickness of 3mm or 5mm, or other visual words depending on the size), density board (thickness of 10 15mm, or other visual word thickness dependent), wood (thickness 30*40mm), cold-rolled plate (thickness 0.8mm-2mm, or other visual words depending on the size), Aluminum Alloy profiles, air pump / pneumatic nail gun / pneumatic nail, cutting machine, curve sawing, electric drill, angle grinder, sander, manual engraving machine (double cutter, fillet knife, V knife), manual hemming machine (double cutter, fillet knife), half round file, triangular, flat, emery cloth, hook knife, wall paper cutter, double-sided sponge, putty, steel ruler, pencil, tape, glue gun, glue stick, chloroform, needle tube, glass sealant gun etc.

Application Area: The plastic vacuum forming machine is widely applied for food, medicine, packaging, building materials and other industries.

Technical Date



Working Area




3.3×2.2×2.3 Metre

3.1×2.1 Metre

15 KW

6.5 ton


2.6×1.5×2.3 Metre

2.4×1.2 Metre

9 KW

6.5 ton


1.5×1.5×2.3 Metre

1.3×1.3 Metre

5 KW

6.5 ton

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