Several Useful Notice for Fiber Laser Cutting Round Hole

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Several Useful Notice for Fiber Laser Cutting Round Hole

In recent years, with the rapid development of laser cutting machine, more and more customers start using laser cutting machine to cuthole.Laser cutting machine not only cut surface smoothly and an aperture can change, flexible processing is cutting hole of choice.

However, cutting the circular holes with the laser cutting machine is not so simple. So next Perfect Laser will give analysis on cutting hole.

1. Hole is too small. A hole of 1:1 is optimal solution. The aperture is bigger, so cutting is better . Insufficient capacity of the laser cutting machine will cut he round irregularly, breakpoint residual too .

2. Gas pressure is too large or too small. Gas pressure is over the General Assembly blast hole, the pressure is too small will appear cutting edge roughness, burnt seriously. Choose the right gas pressure is solve the hole cutting irregular.

3. Parameters of the servo motor. Servo motor is related wiht arc motion, so parameters are not appropriate, X, Y axis motion mismatch will cause the cutting circle ellipse or irregular graphics.

4 . The screw or the precision of the guide is not accurate. Some small factory lack technical strength and the level of workers is not high, so the laser cutting machine’s precision cannot reach up to 0.1mm, so the hole cutting accuracy also is not up to the requirements. Therefore, Perfect Laser suggests that people can identify quality of laser cutting machine through observing laser cutting circle, so as to identify the laser cutting machine whether is good, and cutting precision, speed and other parameters whether is up to the standard.

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