Laser Marking Machine Wins Favor from Australian Customers

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Laser Marking Machine Wins Favor from Australian Customers

On April 30, 2024, a handsome young man from Australia visited us at Perfect Laser and received by our business manager Emily.

This customer contacted our business manager Emily through the platform, and after a period of comparison and understanding, they were quite satisfied with our products and services. In order to further promote cooperation, he visited our company on May 30th.

The customer expressed the purpose of his visit this time: to mark ear tags and access cards in bulk, and would like to know if there is any smoke and dust hazard from the laser? What is the effect of blackening the ear labels? What is the effect of marking on the access card? Emily understood the customer's needs and collaborated with our technical personnel to provide a detailed demonstration of the sample making effect: the marking machine is green, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free; When the marking machine is making ear labels, by adjusting the parameters, the ear label samples are exquisite, achieving a satisfactory blackness effect for customers; The access control card is also extremely delicate, and the customer was very satisfied with the entire process. In communication with the technical personnel, the marking area was expanded to 500 * 500mm, and with the addition of a 3D marking system, the quantity of batch marking can be increased, and some metals can be embossed.

After seeing the factory's machines and samples, Emily also brought the customer to the office and gave a detailed introduction to the company's situation. Combining with the customer's local market, she gave him some recommendations. The customer appreciated our company, machine quality, and service.

After discussing the follow-up process with Emily, the customer ended his one-day visit and looked forward to the upcoming cooperation.

Perfect Laser looks forward to more customers visiting and creating perfection together!



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