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Korean Customers Visit Perfect Laser to See Fiber Laser Marking Machine

In November 4, 2016, South Korea's customers to our company headquarters in Wuhan conducted site visits. Quality products and services, companies with strong quality and credibility, good prospects for the development of the industry, is an important reason to attract the customers to visit.

The company leadership and all staff expressed warm welcome to Korean customers and arranged to receive detailed work. Accompanied by salesman Lisa, South Korean customers visit the company's production workshop, in the relevant technical staff under the guidance of customer on-site test operation of fiber laser marking machine, good marking equipment the performance of our customers and praise! The various problems raised by customers, relevant technical staff have made professional answers, rich professional knowledge and have the ability to work, also left a deep imprint for customers.

Lisa introduced the production process and equipment of our company fiber laser marking machine marking, marking effect and other related knowledge. After the visit, the clerk of the current development situation of the company, and the improvement of equipment technology, sales case are described in detail.

The customers were greatly impressed by Our company’s good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, harmonious working atmosphere and the hard work of the staff. And hoping that in the future cooperation to achieve complementary win-win and common development!