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Zimbabwe Customers Visit Perfect Laser

October 9, 2017, the customer from Zimbabwe coming all the way to visit Perfect Laser and see our three-in-one channel letter bending machine.

After professional communicating and introduction by our salesman Vivian, the customer chose Perfect Laser and purchased our main channel letter bending machine model: three-in-one letter bending machine PEL-700 not long ago. The purpose of the trip to China is to come here to visit and test our channel letter bending machine. Accompanied by our salesman Vivian, the customer came to our factory and visit our PEL-700. Through the various aspects of meticulous observation and practical operation, the customer expressed satisfaction with the overall performance of our letter bending machine PEL-700 and was very happy with our cooperation.

Perfect Laser this kind of PEL-700 three-in-one channel letter bending machine is a full-featured automatic bending machine, with automatic feeding, folding, bending and other functions. Double pole double arc device is efficient and stable, to achieve aluminum, stainless steel, iron three materials at the same time processing, achieve one machine for multi-purpose.

We believe that this cooperation with customer will become a good start, and look forward to that we will start a more distant relationship of cooperation in the future.

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