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The Season’s Best Deals In PERFECT LASER

The September purchase festival is a large-scale global procurement activity launched by the international station in 2017.With the peak of traditional foreign trade procurement coming, September will be a critical moment for preemption!

To participate in the September Purchasing Festival, you will have the opportunity to obtain the following benefits:

Alibaba activities:

1.Over $ 1000 minus $ 50

2.over $ 1000 for free inspection

3.Credit protection services

At the same time, Perfect Laser will provide you multiple promotions:

1.Recommend Rewards:

Recommend your friends to place machine order in September,you will get extra $100 free parts for your order in 2017

2.Free Gifts:

Place order in September. Get extra gift $100.For example, Order die board laser cutting machine, you will get extra gift,including focus lens 1ps($50) and reflect mirror 1pc(50$).

3.Huge discount:

Some products are on sale. For example, the PM-600 Ink jet printer.The original price of $1500 is now on sale at $1399.

4.Presents Giving:

Over $3000 you will get exclusive custom metal business card

Over $5000 you will get the blue and white porcelain tableware four pcs suit

Over $7000 you will get the blue and white porcelain tableware six pcs suit



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