PE-X200 200w Automatic Laser Rust Remover Machine For Metal Cleaning

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200w Automatic Laser Rust Remover Machine For Metal Cleaning -PE-X200
200w Automatic Laser Rust Remover Machine For Metal Cleaning -PE-X200
200w Automatic Laser Rust Remover Machine For Metal Cleaning

Model: PE-X200

Product description

Perfect Laser is one of the leading laser rust cleaning machine manufacturers.

Laser rust cleaning machine is a new developed technology in recent years.The use of lasers as metal surface cleaning has just been developed in recent years, laser beams in manufacturing have been widely used in welding, drilling, cutting and metal surface treatment. In recent years, laser cleaning technology has quietly risen in all fields. Laser cleaning is the preferred metal mold cleaning process. Compared with the traditional sandblasting and dry ice cleaning, the laser rust removal machine has the advantages of good cleaning effect, small mold damage, low comprehensive cost and no environmental pollution.

Product features

1. Fully enclosed external light path, computer threshold control system, the industrial rust remover can efficient cleaning the product surface and does not hurt the machine.

2. High-precision cleaning, strong controllability.

3. The traditional cleaning method is often contact cleaning, the surface of the cleaning agent has a mechanical force, it is easy to damage the surface of the object or the cleaning medium attached to the surface of the object can not be cleaned, resulting in secondary pollution. The laser rust removal machine without grinding and non-contact solve these problems.

4. Hand-held or integrated automation of this laser rust cleaning machine operation, it is very simple and convenient.

5. The cleaning effect of this handheld laser rust remover is very good, cleanliness is very high, greatly improving the cleaning efficiency.

6. Compact body system, space-saving, this handheld laser rust remover can be moved to any place.


Metal surface rust,

Surface paint stripping treatment,

Surface oil, stains, dirt cleaning,

Surface coating, coating removal,

Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment,

Stone surface dust and attachments removed,

Rubber mold residue cleaning.

Technical Date


PE-X200 Laser Rust Removal Machine

Laser power


Laser type

Raycus laser

Laser wavelength


Cooling method


Cabinet dimension




Scan width


Optional matching

Hand held / Automation

Working environment temperature


Length of light

3 meters (optional 5 meters)

Power Supply


Laser grade


Control system

Autonomous research and development control system

Operation interface

9.6 inch OLED screen

Cleaning mode

Equipment comes with a variety of patterns, free choice processing (linear, round type)

handheld laser rust remover