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Adjustment of Laser Cutting Machine Precision
2016-07-22 by bridge

After Laser Cutting Machine is used for a period of time, the focal length will gradually change, resulting in certain error in the cutting accuracy. Perfect laser will introduce essential knowledge of laser cutting machine--commissioning operation accuracy

1. A light spot of the laser beam focus is transferred into the minimum when the burst is established at first, by the effect of spot size to determine focal length.As long as the laser light to the minimum, this position is the best processing focal length, and then began to work

2. In the first part of the laser cutting machine debugging, can use some adjustable accuracy test, to determine the focal length of the workpiece scrap burst.Move up and down the laser head height, laser spot size will burst when there is a change of different sizes.The optimal position of the focal length and the laser head is determined by adjusting the position of the different position for several times.

3. Laser cutting machine in the installation is completed, will be in the numerical control cutting machine cut mouth upload a line device, through the scribe device to draw a simulation cutting graphics, analog graphics for the 1m square.Built in a diameter of 1m of the circle, the four corners are drawn on the diagonal.After the draw, with measuring tool to delimit circle and square is four edge tangent.If the square diagonal length is 1.41M, the central axis of the circle should be divided into the side of the square, and the distance between the point of intersection of the central axis and the two sides of the square to the intersection of the two sides should be 0.5m.Test the distance between the diagonal and the intersection, you can determine the cutting accuracy of the device.

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