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Jordanian Customer - Dot Pin Marking Machine PEQD-025

The Chinese people are very hospitable. When we visited the factory of Perfect Laser we were accompanied by the manager and salesmen of Perfect Laser's foreign trade department. The employees of their company were all dressed in red to greet us. After the engineer got to know about our requirements he suggested us to dot pin marking machine PEQD-025. It can be marked not only by plane, but also by rotation. Its marking speed is very fast, up to 80mm per second, 3mm high letters or numbers can be 3-4 per second; The marking depth is 0.01-2mm, and the marking on it will not be worn off over time, instead it will form a permanent mark. The precision of marking is less than 0.01 mm. The marking is very accurate and will not cause material waste. We buy this dot pin marking machine mainly marking on the machine nameplate, engine number, frame number, cylinder, steel tube. It's pretty versatile. Chinese people also have a rigorous and pragmatic attitude towards professional production. In today's competitive modern society, technology play an increasingly important role, and the quality of Perfect Laser is worthy of recognition.



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