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Bolivia Customer - Industrial Inkjet Printer PM-600B

Last week, my colleagues and I went to China Perfect Laser to see the best-selling product - industrial inkjet printer. We were accompanied Perfect Laser's foreign trade salesman Ms. Candy, we visited the working area and got to know about some machines in the factory. After the face-to-face communication, their engineers gave me answers to all my questions professionally. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to operate it, but with the help and guidance of the engineers there , I knew how to use it. The model I purchased is PM-600A industrial inkjet printer, which is not only portable, easy to operate, but also has a significantly higher printing resolution and height than the industrial inkjet printers I have used before. Moreover, the 4.5-inch colorful touch screen can also connect to external USB, and import pictures and trademarks. It can be used in a wide range of industries, both permeable and non-permeable materials. So in this way, I can not only spray the code on the cardboard boxes, building materials and other pipe materials, but also on the packaging cartons. With all these advantages that comes with it i think it's just too cost-effective and efficient in use.



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