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Italian Customer - 3D Laser Engraving Machine PE-DP-A

I have an experience of operating 3d crystal laser engraving machines for more than 10 years. I have ensured the machine engraving format, but I am extremely demanding of the machine's engraving precision. I have a long-standing association with Perfect laser, having collaborated with them a number of times.

I recently heard that Perfect Laser has introduced the latest upgrade of its 3D crystal laser engraving machine PE-DP-A series. The Company’s engineer stated that the core component is imported from Germany. They also mentioned that the machine’s scanning head uses a digital type and can achieve a maximum engraving speed of 5000 dots/second. After receiving this product specification, I was eager to visit and check it myself. After obtaining the consent from its engineers, I personally operated the machine, converting my mobile phone's internal plane image to 3D and then proofing it. As always, Perfect laser satisfied my needs, and this is the reason why I continue to pay attention to the Perfect laser! Really worthwhile trip.



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