Fully Automatic Industrial Cloth Fabric Spreading Machine

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Fully Automatic Industrial Cloth Fabric Spreading Machine-PE-B1202
Fully Automatic Industrial Cloth Fabric Spreading Machine-PE-B1202
Fully Automatic Industrial Cloth Fabric Spreading Machine

Model: PE-B1202

Product Introduction

The fully automatic fabric spreading machine utilizes an automatic cloth spreading system that achieves tension-free spreading through roller conveyors, resulting in better and flatter spreading effects.

Equipped with an LCD touch screen, the fully automatic fabric spreading machine boasts user-friendly and easy operation, requiring only one operator and one assistant to efficiently complete the spreading tasks, thereby effectively enhancing work efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Furthermore, the fabric spreading machine can operate stably at high speeds for extended periods, making it particularly suitable for mass production, while ensuring consistent quality and great spreading results.

Product Features

1. The cloth spreading machine adopts imported spraying technology, resulting surface that is electrostatically sprayed surface with good smoothness.The high-temperature spray painting further enhances its aesthetic appeal.

2. By adopting high-quality servo motors,which are precise and durable, the machine can operate stably for a long time, with high efficiency and low maintenance costs.

3. The cloth spreading machine adopts an intelligent touch screen and intelligent operating system, it only requires half an hour of training and is easy to learn and operate.

4. With streamlined shape,it reduces wind resistance, noise and vibration. The operating environment is more environmentally friendly.

5. The automatic cloth laying system uses a roller conveyor belt to lay cloth without tension, resulting in better and smoother cloth pulling effect.

6. With automatic edge alignment and fabric cutting, its durable and non deformable.


1. Application Industry

The auto spreading machine is widely used in clothing, car interiors, home furnishings, home textiles, footwear, bags, umbrellas, toys, daily necessities, outdoor tents,etc.

2. Application Materials

The auto spreading machine is suitable for cotton, linen, silk, blended, fiber, non-woven fabrics, mesh, gauze, leather, toy fabrics, raincoats, rubber,etc.

Technical Data

Product Name

Automatic cloth pulling machine

Conventional product models


Cloth width






Spreading speed


Single pull height

26 centimeters

Double pull height

27 centimeters

Fabric Weight


Fabric diameter

50 centimeters

Machine size L * W * H




Packing size L * W * H




Note: It can be equipped with corresponding systems based on customer requirements, and the spreading height can be customized as well.



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