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Standard Version Horizontal Wall Printer PE-S20

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Product description

Perfect Laser is the world famous laser printer manufacturer and supplier of direct to wall inkjet printer.

In order to meet customer demand for the majority of the wide format printing, Perfect Laser launched a new horizontal wall printer. This direct to wall inkjet printer adopts the imported piezoelectric nozzle in Japan. The painting is clear and bright, the design of the machine is smooth, the machine body is removable, portable and easy to use. This machine is applicable to a variety of wall painting, such as wall putty powder, paint the walls, tile walls, diatom mud wall, canvas, paper etc..

Perfect Laser wall mural printer is your best choice for wall painting work.

Product features

1. This direct to wall inkjet printer adopts imported Japan piezoelectric nozzles.

2. This horizontal wall printer use the Perfect Laser wall painting specific ink, no need to heat at minus 10 to zero 60 in the normal work environment, no ice, and constantly inking.

3. Single base color, one-way ink supply channel. Even for the system of automatic pressure supply, 340ml pigment library, multi-color one, easy to take, and the screen of the horizontal wall printer is clear and bright.

4. The body design of horizontal wall printer lines smooth, without a large chassis, the program software all integrated to facilitate the demolition and handling, to work under any environment.

5. This wall mural printer printing resolution is of 360 * 720dpi or 720 * 720dpi or 720 * 1080dpi.

6. Inkjet screen actual size of the wide format printing machine: high 2100mm wide 1700mm, wide more than 1700mm of the screen need to do seamless stitching, seamless splicing will not affect the overall effect of the screen.


This kind of direct to wall inkjet printer is applicable to the external walls, such as putty powder wall, latex paint wall, white wall, imitation wall, diatom mud wall, canvas, Xuan paper and so on.

Technical Date


PE-S20 Horizontal Wall Printer


Special ink for synthetic pigment wall painting

Control way

Wire operation

Transport carrying



RJ45 Internet interface

Painting technique

Piezoelectric inkjet technology (civilian level)

Ink supply system

Negative pressure system, monochrome single supply, 6 color ink warehouse

Print resolution

360*720dpi or 720*720dpi or 720*1080dpi

File resolution

Accept file of 360dpi720dpi1080dpi

Actual print size


Power Supply

General 90-246V- exchange, 47-63HZ

Power consumption

No load 20W, general 75W


Standby<20dBA, Paint<72dBA


15℃-35℃59℉-95℉10%-70%Relative humidity, non condensable state


-21℃-60℃-5℉-140℉10%-70%Relative humidity, non condensable state

Driver program


Print mode


Speed (per square meter per hour)

Sketch mode


6 Square metre / hour

Production model


4 Square metre / hour

Quality model


3 Square metre / hour

Equipment appearance

Actual size

Machine packing size

Cross track packing size



Length 900mm

Length 2200mm



Width 720mm

Width 450mm



Height 1510mm

Height 450mm

Machine Weight


Rack packing weight 81kg

Cross track packing weight 49kg

Machine language options

Britain, China, Korea, Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Portuguese

Note: the above technical parameters shall be the design parameters. If there is any difference, the actual use efficiency of the equipment shall prevail.

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