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PM-600A High Resolution Small Portable Printer for Inkjet Marking on Metal Plastic Wood Stone

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Product description

Perfect Laser is the world leading manufacturer of industrial printing machine manufacturer, we will bring the advanced technology, high-quality machines, perfect after-sales service and best industrial printing machine to you.

In order to meet the customers’ demand of industrial printing machine, Perfect Laser developed a high resolution and high speed industrial printing machine: model PM-600A mini portable printer. In addition to the consistent high quality and stable product characteristics, this handheld printer has improved the mini portable printer's resolution and height. 4.5-inch color touch screen can be connected to external USB import pictures and trademarks. The application industry of this kind of industrial printing machine is also very extensive, and is particularly suitable for permeable or non-permeable material.

Application materials: The mini portable printer is widely applied for metal, plastic, wood, stone, light steel, aluminum foil, cardboard boxes and building materials. Inkjet printing of permeable surfaces (such as plain cartons, templates, textiles, etc.) and impervious surfaces (such as bags, tubes, glossy cardboard, etc.).

Applications industry: The mini portable printer is widely applied for packaging, printing, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, cement and other industries.

Product features

1.This mini portable printer with integrated and hand-held design. Total volume is (l) 130mm* (w) 128mm* (h) 200mm and weigh 1.2kg;

2.Many kinds of mini portable printer crust choices: aluminum alloy, steel printing ect.

3.It equipped with 4.5 inch color touch screen for the mini portable printer, it is very easy for online editing, what you see is what you get.

4.No ink waste: This high resolution printer is no need for extra thinner, and a box of ink can print 2000 multiple fonts.

5. Any printing direction: forward, up, down, 360-degree marking;

6.More than 30 kinds printing fonts of the high resolution printer: more than 30 kinds of high definition in Chinese and English fonts (including dot matrix fonts) and special fonts can be implanted by the manufacturer;

7.Equip with USB interface, it is very available for the high resolution printer link to computer transfer logo trademarks and so on;

8.Exquisite packaging, fashionable outer packing for easy carrying.

9.Ink colors of this high resolution printer can support black, red, blue, yellow, green.

Technical Parameters


PM-600A high resolution printer

Print speed

Up to 45 metres per minute, and the print speed does not change due to increase of the number of printing lines

Printing material

Permeable and impermeable material

Printing graphics

logo, graphics can be imported through a USB stick

Print content

All English words, numbers, bar codes and graphics

Automatic printing

The date, time, batch number, frequency, and serial number (may vary according to time of day change)

Printing accuracy


Printing rows

Adjustable 1-7 line printing bar codes

Printing distance


Production serial number

1-8-variable sequence number

Store information

Systems can store more than 1000 huge amounts of information (external USB flash drive to save the information)

Message length

over more than 2000 fonts

Printing fonts

More than 30 kinds frontes


Quick-drying ink, ink, oil ink, invisible ink

Ink color

Black, red, blue, yellow, green

Cartridge capacity

42 ml, a box of ink jet printing of 400,000 characters (2mm)

Power time

3 hour charge, available for 8 hours (when the screen saver is enabled) standby time 24 hours

Battery capacity

2200 mA lithium-ion battery

Power voltage


Status display

LED light flashes that work LED lights fast shiny, printing work.

System power consumption

Average power consumption is lower than 5W

Application environmental

Temperature 1 ° c ~38 ° c ; humidity 10%~80%

Character height



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