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Pen Laser Engraving and Marking Machine with Customized Conveyor Belt PEDB-460

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Product description

With wide application for the laser technology, this permanet laser marking method of pen engraving machine gains more popularity around the world. The marked content by fiber laser is high quality, personalized and versatile.

Our laser pen engraving machine with customized conveyor belt is equipped with the customized pen modules. The speed and content can by set in advance. There is a sensor to dectect the pen when passing by. Also this pen laser engraving machine can automatic count the marked pens quantity. It is especially designed for customers who need mark logo, number, code, picuture on any mentallic pens.

Product features

1. Best marking effect of laser marker pen. World famous laser source can guranttee the best marking effect. Also you can choose the MOPA type for color marking.

2. Free maintenance of this laser marker pen. We will set all parameters before delivery. The small laser engraving machine for pens can work without any adjustment when you receive and no other consumptions.

3. 3 years laser source warranty of this pen engraving machine. Other company can only support 1 year or no.

4. Automatic and customized. The pen modules can be tailor- made by the pen size or the marked content. The small laser engraving machine for pens can greatly reduce the labor cost, tool cost, consumable cost.

5. Automatic counting function of the laser marker pen. You can quickly know how many pens have you marked already.

6. Easy for installation: We will supply the installation training video for our dear customers to install the best laser pen engraving machine.


The pen laser engraving machine is widely used in exquisite patterns, trademarks and text pen marking industry, Applicable materials: gold and silver, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper, plastic products and other materials.

Technical Data

Model NO

PEDB-460 Pen Laser Engraving Machine






Marking Speed


Marking Size(can be customized)


Minimum character height


Marking repeatability

24 μrad

Marking depth

0.5mmdepending on the machine

Minimum line width

0.06mmdepending on the machine


AC 220V 50KHz


Stepper motor / servo motor (optional)

Displacement positioning accuracy


Displacement repeat positioning accuracy


Displacement speed


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