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PEDB-500 Fiber Laser Metal Etching Machine with Full Enclosed Cabinet

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Perfect Laser metal etching machines can be carved both on metal materials and some non-metallic materials.
The metal etching machines has a sealed structure. During work, fog will be kept in the enclosed laser cabinet without emission to outside. Environmental, friendly and healthy, this design is special for European market or other markets which have high demands for working environment.
The effect of the metal etching machines is particularly outstanding.

Product Features
1. The metal etching machines can reach 100000 hours long lifetime, No consumables, Free of Maintenance.
2. Best Marking Effect, Deep Marking, Higher Accuracy.
3. The metal etching machines don't need to adjust the laser path, and it uses integrated air cooling.
4. This laser etcher for metal has low power consumption, small and compact.
The metal etching machines are mainly marked in areas for smoothness, finesse demanding, such as electronic products, metal ware, watches, jewelry, IC, plastic buttons and other graphic surface.
The laser etching equipment can etch copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, iron and many kinds of metals and hard plastics.

Technical Data

Laser Sourse

IPG Series

Pulsed, High Energy Ytterbium Fiber Lasers

Mode of operation




Q-switched operation

Output power adjustment range


Nominal average output power W


Central emission wavelength

1060-1070 nm

Emission Bandwidth (FWHM)

<10 nm

Long-term average power instability


Pulse width, (FWHM)

100 ns

Laser switching ON time

180 μsec

Laser switching OFF time

180 μsec

Pulse Repetition Rate* kHz

20-80 kHz

Energy per pulse (PRR = 20 kHz)

0.95 mJ

Typical beam quality, M2


Output fiber delivery length


Operating voltage


Max. Power consumption

0.5 kw

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