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Fast Speed Co2 Laser Marking Machine (USA RF Metal Tube)

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Perfect Laser is the world leading manufacturers for Co2 laser markers.

Our Co2 laser markers take USA original RF metal laser tube as the laser source, with lifespan 20,000~30,000 hours free of maintenance, and the Co2 laser markers also can be re-filled after using up. Once invested, whole-life benefited.

Co2 laser markers adopt world famous digital laser scanning head, this Co2 laser markers are quite suitable for users requiring highest precision and fastest speed batch production, tags, nameplate, logos.

Co2 laser markers are widely used in the field of non-metal field, such as: garment & shoes engraving, fabric cutting, medical packaging, handicrafts & gift, food printing, soft drink printing, cigarette code, beverage packaging tobacco printing, rubber marking machine, acrylic marker, water bottle marker, marking on plastic, leather engraving industries.


1. Co2 laser markers take USA original RF metal laser tube as the laser source. By 2D fast-speed scanning mirrors swinging as the scheduled angles under the controlling of the computer, the laser focus on the surface of the work piece by focus lens to form images and realize marking and graph processing.
2. USA original RF metal tube has exquisite beam quality, stable power output, high marking precision, long working life time, and can work for 20,000-30,000 hours free of maintenance, then can be recharged by re-filling with co2 gas, suitable for users requiring batch production and high marking precision. Once invested, whole-life benefited.
3. Using digital fast-speed scanning laser head, it can be the graph in shortest time to finish fine marking process.
4. Simple structure, abrasion and rusty against component, the system have the most stable performance and moving precision.

5. It can configure automatic fixture, baiting production line.

6. It can be used to water bottle marking and pvc marking with data, serial number & bar code automatically.

Co2 laser markers are also called acrylic marker,plastic marker,water bottle marker,marking on plastic,rubber marking.

Technical Data

Machine Type

Perfect Laser Co2 Laser Markers

Machine Model




Laser Output Power




Laser Type

USA Original RF Metal Tube

Laser Tube life Time

20,000~30,000 hours

Standard Working Area

110×110 mm

Optional Working Area

70×70mm, 175×175mm

Marking Depth


Marking Speed


Repeated Accuracy


Laser Wavelength


Minimum Line Width


Power Supply

380v/ 220v (50-60hz)

Machine Power

2 kw


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