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PEK-40 Fully Enclosed High Resolution 3D Printer for Plastic and Gypsum

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Product Description

Perfect Laser is the leading manufacturer of industrial 3d printer. Recently we produced a new mini desktop 3d printer (model PEK-40), this industrial 3d printer with fully enclosed design, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. The mini desktop 3d printer is very easy to operate, and the printing accuracy is high, the medium print area is of high resolution. The mini desktop 3d printer can meet many requirements of three dimensional printing needs, and this section of the industrial 3d printer once launched, it received wide acclaim by new and old customers at home and abroad.


Application industry: This kind of mini desktop 3d printer is widely applied in animation hand, household goods, medical industry, cultural relics protection, architectural design, manufacturing, food industry

Application materials:This kind of mini desktop 3d printer is widely applied in soft plastic, plastic, gypsum, ceramic embryo, resin.


1. High-intensity printing: The high resolution mini desktop 3d printer can be printed continuously for more than 500 hours.

2. We adopt Taiwan's silver Z-axis screw for mini desktop 3d printer to ensure high-performance while ensuring high accuracy.

3. With the function of continuing printing: when the power is off, you can a key to boot and continue to print, so that the three dimensional printing machine can reduced the failure rate.

4. False alarm function: the mini 3d printer will automatically begins the alarm when the supply is running out, and automatically stop the operation to avoid idling without manual monitoring, which saved the manpower.

5. This three dimensional printing machine with the function of continued printing when the power is off, when you need to pause, you can pause after the suspension from the print to avoid re-hit.

6. With automatic leveling function: the platform automatically reset and leveling, the location is more accurate.

7. This three dimensional printing machine is equipped with air filter function, three layers of removable filter paper, fully filtering each particle produced by 3D print, which avoided environmental pollution.

8. Double convection cooling system speeds up the condensation rate, and improves the print accuracy.

9. Fully enclosed thermostat body, thicken the door ensured that the three dimensional printing process temperature is constant and printing effect is better.

10.The structure of mini 3d printer is the metal frame, one piece of steel sheet metal structure, and the strength of its structure is as 3 times as the aluminum alloy and as 15 times as the acrylic.

11.High-precision alloy nozzle: the mini 3d printer can print persistently without head blocking.

12. Full color LCD touch screen, Chinese and English operating system, the interface of operation is easier.

Technical Specification

Machine parameters



Machine frame

Integral steel sheet metal structure

Body characteristics

Fully enclosed thermostat body

Z-axis screw

Bold double z axis

Equipment size


Package size


Net weight


Package weight


Platform temperature


Platform material

Aluminum plate + removable glass


Nozzle diameter


Nozzle temperature


Voltage power

110V/220V, 50-60HZ.300w

Number of nozzles

Tow nozzles, Two-color mixed printing

Air filtration

Built in air filter system

Cooling system

Dual convection cooling system

Touch screen control

3.5 inch full color touch Chinese and English control screen

Print parameter

Printing technology


Forming size


Forming accuracy


Positioning accuracy

XY axis:0.004mm, Z axis:0.0025mm

Print speed


printing method

USB connection print, SD card / U disk offline print

Consumables parameter

Print consumables

PLA, ABS, Compound PLA,


1.75mm one kilogram / reel supplies


Dozens of colors are optional

File format


Operation system

Windows, Mac, XP

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