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PEL-600A High Precision Channel Letter Bender

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International quality, domestic prices, Perfect laser specializes in edge advertising word bending machine.

PEL-600A automatic full-size letter bending machine is R & D and production On the basis of the PEL-600, the equipment structure is precise and economical, it is the preferred high-end equipment for all kinds of aluminum materials (color aluminum plate, single edge, double edge crimping, etc.).

It also can be called as letter bending,bending galvanized pipe,bending galvanized sheet metal,channel letter brake,channel letter brake for sale,aluninum channel letter bending machines.

1.Automatic feeding , automatic notching, automatic bending
2.No need to fit the trimcap separately, simplify the fabrication process
3.High speed,using the actrating- motor to control machine , it only takes 48 seconds to finish one 30cm letter like “s”
4. Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machines is available for material width ranges from 30mm to 128mm
5.Energy saving and environmental protection. Total power 700w,actual service power less than 700w.
6.Bending galvanized sheet metal also can read design file like the format such as DXF,AI,matching with the engraving file
7.Aluninum Channel Letter Bending Machines' size : 2350*850*1780mm
8.Processing materials: stainless steel/iron/aluminum alloy,stainless steel 304# less than or equal 0.8 mm iron ,aluminum :0.4mm -1.2mm.
9.Processing width: 30mm-128mm.
10.Special specification and requirements are available.

Applicable industries: the letter bending machine is widely applied in advertising industry, such as the production of exposed characters, a variety of profiles around the edge of the word, boundless words, epoxy resin, unsaturated resin, all kinds of small words.

Applicable Materials’ data

Materials:Single-Folded-Edge Aluminum and Double-Folded-Edge Aluminum, all colors Aluminum edgings

or 7,9,11cm edgings with sponge

Technical Data




PC Control Type For All SS, MS, Al materials

Bending Material

Can bend all kinds of Stainless Steel,

Carbon Steel, Galvanize Plate, Aluminum, etc.....

Special for bending single-folded-edge and double-folded-edge AL

And also for 7,9,11cm strip with sponge

Processed thickness

Aluminum: 0.4 - 1.2 mm


Max. processed width





1740*760*1450 mm



File format


Feed speed

5~20 m/ min


0.05 mm


Computer system and Computer Screen is not included in Price.

User can use any computer to run our machine


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